I'm a Computer Science Graduate student at Stony Brook University. I completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering at Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India, most premier Institute under Mumbai University. My research interests include Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. I like programming since childhood. My festivals are Google I/O, Apple's WWDC, Microsoft's //build/ etc. My interests other than computers are Psychology, World History, and Arts. My hobbies include watching TED Talks, listening to songs, and following Technology.


I have been (or am) student of the following Institutes

Stony Brook University
Aug 2014-Present
I'm pursuing my Masters Degree in here. It is so awesome to study Computer Science at SBU; being away from my country and home but totally worth it. Its really one of the best learning experience of my life (until now). I'm eager to learn as much things as possible here. The courses I'm taking now are: CSE 506 - Operating Systems, CSE 592 - Social Networks, CSE 548 - Analysis of Algorithms. And the past courses I have taken here are: CSE 527 - Introduction to Computer Vision, CSE 532 - Theory of Database Systems, CSE 590 - Data Mining meets Graph Mining.
Sardar Patel Institute of Technology
2009 - 2013
This is where I had done my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering. Here I did few internships, and sharpened my research skills. Major courses I attended here were: Computer Networking, Web Engineering, Mobile Computing, Object Oriented Software Engineering, Microprocessor, etc.
2007 - 2009
This is one of the best Junior Colleges in the country. I'm proud to be it's alumni. I had taken Computer Science as the vocational subject here.
Till 2007
Was a kid loving computers, and hardly had any friends, back then. Completely changed, no more an introvert!

Work Experience

I have worked full-time (or been an intern) at following organizations

Hansa Embedded Systems' Academy
Jun. 2013 - Jun. 2014
I was a Junior Research Scientist here. I conducted multidisciplinary research. I implemented an App on Android to detect the mental condition, and improve intelligence. I also read academic papers from Psychology and attended courses about Behavioral Economy on Coursera to better understand the field. Here, as a computer scientist, I started understanding the importance of multidisciplinary research, and thus collaborated with 4 of my colleagues from electronics and psychology.
Apr. 2013 – Present
I co-founded this startup and I am the CTO here. This was created with the goal of sharing tutorials and testing and developing applications on platforms like Android, iOS, HTML5, and CSS3. It was appreciated by Investors like Indo Ventures, Mumbai Angels, and YourStory.
The Opine Solutions
Oct. 2012 – Jun. 2014
I was the CTO of The Opine Solutions. I was responsible for the front end as well as the server side of this company. I created proprietary algorithms to detect the truth of responses of the users.
Lunchex Online Private Limited
Jan. 2014 - Jun. 2014
I was the Tech Advisor for Lunchex. I headed a team of 7 students to teach them the latest technology and to get the startup up and running as soon as possible.
Computer Society of India
2011 – 2012
I was the Tech Head at CSI. I conducted many seminars and lectures of 6-8 hours with about strength of 60-80 students each. This resulted us to win Best National Chapter of the year Award.
Disha Magazine
2011 – 2012
Disha Magazine is a collaborative Magazine of Bhavan's Campus. As the Tech Head at Disha Magazine, I suggested articles about latest technologies and edited them. I started a paperless movement for which I had to create and manage RSS feeds, website and mobile applications.

Project Experience

The following are the Projects I have worked (or am working) on

Forecasting the Stock Market using Time series Analysis
Aug. – Dec. 2014
The aim of the project is to predict the trends of an individual stock of any Company. Data derived from innumerable sources like Yahoo finance for stock information, Google trends and daily media for stock market trends, Social Media for sentiment analysis and the web for classification. Sentimental analysis is accomplished through a combined financial sentiments word dictionary and Naive Bayes classifier.
Technologies: Python, R
Recording and Reproduction of Sound Using Computer Vision
2012 – 2013
This was my Senior year project at my Bachelor's Degree. This makes an effort to create the best possible audio recording in the world. It excels at least 10000 times the best microphone ever created. It was appreciated by IEEE Transactions. The work is still in progress.
Technologies: .NET, OpenCV
Jul. 2013 – present
This app is specifically focused on bringing the professional level analysis provided to International Cricketers to everyone with a smartphone. Within few days of its release it was downloaded and used by many International Players. It was also appreciated in national newspaper like Hindustan Times, The Sunday Guardian, etc. and premiere Cricket news provider: ESPN CricInfo.
Technologies: Android, Google App Engine, Python, Microsoft Azure, PHP, Android Purchase API, Facebook API for Android, Google Cloud Messaging
Facial Beauty Detection using Convolutional Neural Network
Aug. – Dec. 2014
In this project, we designed and trained a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) to predict facial beauty. We configured a deep learning system based on Caffe (a fast framework for deep learning) and trained it to classify faces into one of the 5 classes based on facial beauty.
Technologies: Python, CNN
A brief tutorial to port an Android ROM for one device to another
Aug. – Dec. 2014
This is a tutorial for how to port a ROM (an Android OS) specifically made for one device to other device. In this tutorial I port Android 5.0 named as Android Lollipop made for Google Nexus 5 to Google Nexus 7 (2012 model). The challenges involved here are, one, the device I’m porting the ROM to is quite old. Two, The Device I’m porting from is a cellphone and the device I’m porting to is a tablet. During the whole process I failed many times, but due to the interest I had in this project I completed it single handedly.
Technologies: Android, OS, Shell Script
Psychometric Systems
Jun. 2013 – Jun. 2014
This is my multidisciplinary research project that I undertook at Hansa Embedded Systems' Academy. It accelerates the process of revising the psychological tests. It is a central neural network to track the trend of the human intelligence and response time. It also can detect if a person suffers from any kind of mental disabilities. It helps the user train his brain.
Technologies: Android, iOS, Google App Engine
I created this application to solve my objective to let my parents conduct their office meetings from house. It excels at other free alternatives because it has a unique Face Detection algorithm randomly checking that if the client is present or not during the meeting.
Technologies: .NET
Oct. 2012 – Jun. 2014
Being CTO It was my responsibility for the fully tested product to be released in a timely manner. I implemented few 3rd party APIs for recharging prepaid cellphones. The app contains surveys of products to receive direct feedback from customers. I created the algorithm to detect if a user is spamming.
Technologies: Android, Google Cloud Messaging, PHP, Web Services Description Language with Simple Object Access Protocol and XML Schema
Autonomous Robot
I created this to participate in IIT TechFest. It was supposed to carry load from one end to other while avoiding obstructions. It could follow line, avoid edges, and detect the sharp edges to avoid danger.
Technologies: Embedded C
This was my first internship. It automates many processes during the medical conference. From creating a conference and submitting papers to creating IDs and certificates; all the process was automated.
Technologies: HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP, MySQL, DOM
This is the Official way to access library at Sardar Patel Institute of Technology. It was created on Ubuntu. It handles audio books, video lectures, and e-books. It also handles the Book management throughout the library.
Technologies: Linux Terminal Server Project in Ubuntu 10.10
2011 – 2012
This is the Official App for communication throughout the Bhavans' campus. It had a web interface as well as the mobile apps. It was necessary that it is reliable and scalable. It was also used to teach Google App Engine to students.
Technologies: Android, Google App Engine, Google Cloud Messaging
This is a app which connects travelers to the localities so that tourists will get the real feel of every monument or an attraction to the fullest.
Technologies: Android

Teaching Experience

I have conducted the following workshops each of 6-8 hours and attended by about 70-90 students

Google App Engine



Derivative Based Optimization


HTML5, CSS, Javascript



These are some of my achievements that keep me motivated

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
I received a personal appreciation letter by the then president of India for my researches
Dr. Jayant Narlikar
I received an email applauding my research by Dr. Jayant Narlikar from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research & Inter–University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics
Prof. A. R. Rao
Impressed by my research I was very fortunate to be invited to his house. I received a hand-written letter of appreciation from one of the first persons in the world to have complete laboratory for mathematics.
Dr. Martina Bode
Dr. Bode is a distinguished Professor from Northwestern University. I received an email demonstrating her curiosity in my mathematics research.
Prof. Suryakant Bhosale
I had received appreciation letter from Prof. Bhosale applauding my senior year project
Few articles have been published on national newspaper and international news shows applauding my success
Articles about CricDeCode
CricDeCode was featured in few national newspaper like Hindustan Times, The Sunday Guardian, etc. and premiere Cricket news provider: ESPN CricInfo


I would love to hear from you. Lets get in touch. All comments appreciated.